Thursday, 17 September 2015

No more tears!

I have received a few Johnson & Johnson gift sets for Appu with large bottles of shampoos, lotions etc. I do not use this brand for him but did not want the well meaning gifts to go waste. So on goes the stuff on me.

I was using the shampoo the other day..and my eyes started stinging. I did a double take..surely this can't be..isn't it 'no more tears' formula? Yes but my eyes stung and watered. I tried it again yesterday and there was the undoubted sting.

I have seen this being used on kids and they never complained. Aren't their eyes supposed to be more sensitive? Or maybe it goes to show the pathetic state of my eyes. 

Then an old voice inside me croons, "things that bring tears to an adult and a child are very different, literally and philosophically." 

Imagine getting our heads banged on the floor repeatedly or crawling on all fours for a long time. I would be in tears if I had to do any of that but my brave boy ventures on. But large crowds, unfamiliar noises, not being picked up by his dad the minute he comes home, these bring tears to his eyes.

I think he has it right, the things he cries for matter. Me? I cry for things that are make believe..imagined slights, hurtful words, workplace issues...

Well fed, well rested, well loved..that should be our mantra for 'no more tears'. The child is the teacher.