Thursday, 28 May 2015


Yesterday around midnight the rains lashed down. Lightning and thunder bore down on the earth, lighting up the night sky. I couldn't sleep. The night danced as my muse. Twin ideas sprang from the rain. Two poems - Hunger and Thirst - starting with the same lines. One is right below. You can find the other one here. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


As the rain sets the night sky ablaze
I toss, I turn
I long to walk in your embrace
To blink and look away as lightning strikes
To bury my head deep in your chest
To pretend I am afraid of the thunder
The rain is washing away the days till we meet again
It too cannot contain its impatience
The evasive sleep now fills my eyes
My body lies in fitful sleep
The soul still wanders in your arms.


  1. “The rain is washing away the days till we meet again“

    Just wonderful... Few words to describe a deep thought and feeling... Kudos

  2. aah! kya baat hai! You are a born poetess. Good one.