Thursday, 28 May 2015


Yesterday around midnight the rains lashed down. Lightning and thunder bore down on the earth, lighting up the night sky. I couldn't sleep. The night danced as my muse. Twin ideas sprang from the rain. Two poems - Hunger and Thirst - starting with the same lines. One is right below. You can find the other one here. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


As the rain sets the night sky ablaze
I toss I turn
The distant rumblings remind me
Of earthly pursuits

With sleepy eyes I search for her
Ever watchful, she sees my every move
Knowing full my intent, she stirs
But sleep does not let her go
How can she sleep when I am awake

Waah...I cry
Hush my child..
My lips find her and I drink milk, my comfort, my love.


  1. Very touching...

  2. This is awesome! Amma .. my milk, my comfort, my love! Lovely. Definitely from heart.